To offer every service that contributes to the developement of Çiğdem district and it’s inhabitants, and  improving the quality of life with a voluntary basis and participation.


To be the most liveable, safe neighborhood in Ankara that everybody is proud of being a member and take as an example.


  • Devoted to Atatürk’s principles and reforms, participating, believing in team work
  • Working in an approach of process management, sensitive, reliable, voluntary
  • Defending an organized life, objective towards political parties and independent
  • Solidarist, helpful, sharing, leader
  • Selfless, giving importance to quality, awareness-raising, tolerant
  • Non-judgmental, transparent
  • Against to discrimination
  • Taking care of nature and environment
  • Modern, productive
  • Respectful towards human and animal rights
  • Art lover, cooperative
  • Innovative and a learning organization.


Association Code Number 06-51-0956 – 170596
Bank Account Number T. İş Bankası Ankara (Beşevler) Agency4219 – 999222IBAN : TR74 0006 4000 0014 2190 9992 22
Tax ID Number Başkent VD 256 038 7757
Phone NumberFax NumberCellphone Number +90- 312 285 20 47+90- 312 285 20 470530 660 95 83
Adress Çiğdem District1551. Street No: 14-AÇankaya –  06530 – Ankara
Internet www.cigdemim.org.tr
E-mail adress dernek@cigdemim.org.tr


Çiğdem Education , Environment and Solidarity Association, shortly ÇİĞDEMİM, organized in 1996, around that time’s headman by 14 people that believed in holding one end of works instead of waiting everything from the government and then became an association. At first, we worked together with the headman to solve the problems of the district and after gaining enough strenght, we increased the activities and performances.


Our association, which has the main purpose of to improve the life quality of residents, stregthen the neighbourhood relationships which are almost forgotten, performs a wide range of actions towards this purpose. We take pains to make people meet and interact with eachother so that we can improve our neighourhood relations in every activity and performance.

In our performances with residents, we take pains to build up a social responsibility senses. We believe that people who at least protects and takes care of the neighbourhood and its’ problems, takes care of the problems of the country and takes the responsibility.


Some of Our Activities:

District Library: We have a library that is created entirely by donations and no other district has it. A library which consists of number of books approaching to 21000 and has a high rate of reading without any other example. Starting with the number of 200 books and a bookcase made from a sofabed, our project doesn’t fit to its’ place any more.

Seminars: As Çiğdemim Association, with the intention of sharing our experiences and knowledge while meeting the neighborhood inhabitants, uniting and sending time together, we organize seminars on different occasions. In these seminars, we are being informed about the determinated topic by the expert of the subject.

Neighborhood Day Fair: We are trying to strengthen neighborhood relations by events we organize since 2006. In this fair, music concerts, folkloric shows, competitions, our Association’s guitar, drama, oud societies’ performances and exibitions exist. Different kinds of stalls open up. People spend a day with their neighbors, meet and socialize.

The Apartment Building with Best Neighborhood Relations Award: With this practice we choose the building with the best neighborhood relations. We give this award and hang the plaquette we prepare to the entrance of the building to the most suitable candidate from the ones that are declared or identified. So that we encourage to improve the neighborhood relations which are began to be forgotten.

Tree Planting and Nurturing: We planted over 2000 trees to our neighborhood by various campaigns. Other than these trees, we are having the trees planted on the sidewalk nurtured. We also planted a great number of tree and fruit seeds to METU forest.

Turkish Art Music Chorus: Our Turkish Art Music(TSM) Society, generated in 2006 among our association, studies with music lovers of all ages and adorns its’ practice with concerts every year. Also our Oud Society continues to its’ studies.

Cultural Activities: We take the residents to events like theatre, opera, ballet, concerts with the group tickets we buy and the buses we provide. We go to the event location together by buses, watch the show and come back home by buses.


Contact: We have an electronic communication group reaching to 3000 people and a website www.cigdemim.org.tr. We communicate with our neighbors via our Facebook and Twitter accounts (cigdemimdernegi).

Trips: We are organizing trips to various regions to familiarize domestic and overseas’ historical and natural beauties, and to make our neighbors socialize.

Destrict’s Problems: We are having correspondances and negotiations with  Municipalities and public corporations to solve every kind of problems our district is dealing with. We generated a public opinion about street lights, asphalt-pavement etc., high-voltage power line removal, changes in our municipality bus’ route, excavation in METU forest, struggles about misletoes and we succeeded.

Solid Waste Gathering Project: Performed and devolved to municipality. We are collecting electronical waste, wasted battery and wasted herbal oils in our Association and giving them to concerned foundations. We are gathering paper wastes like newspapers and books in our association and generate revenue.

Practices: We have various practices to assess leisure time. Oud, guitar, painting, French, organ, Spanish, folk dances are some examples.

English Speaking Society: English Speaking Society within the Association, created in 2009, meets every Monday evening and continues to study. English studies with neighbors who want to improve or do not want to forget the practice continues in joy.

Training Support Project: Created by the amount of contributions collected in the pool, we are supporting the training for 9 months. Now, 17 students have been supporting the project which started with 4 students. (We fixed this number with the age of our Association. In our seventeenth year, we are supporting 17 students. Educational support fund accepts donations at any time and the desired amount.)

Social Responsibility Projects: Twice a year, in cooperation with the Red Crescent we are organizing blood donation campaign in our neighborhood. Within the context of social assistance has helped many people and organizations. We distribute and deliver collected books, encyclopedias and textbooks in the association. We collect the medicines not used in our houses and give them to the health center.


Photograph Society: Community created within the association gives “Basic Photography Training”, organizes seminars about the subject and carries out workshops. Community organizes trips to take photographs from time to time and shares its’ works with resident with exibitions.

Painting Society: They are opening hobby courses for adults and children and present their work with residents at the end of the year with exibitions. They are painting substations and walls with children.

Literature Society: The society we generated to build an environment that brings the lovers of literature close together who are interested in all fields of literature like poems, stories, novels, essays, come together and share their writings, thoughts; organizes meetings that participants can chat and discuss about a literature piece which is determined every month, carries out poem reading events in certain terms and, organizes events that brings writers and lovers of literature together.

Çiğdemim Neighborhood Garden: As Çiğdemim Association, with Permankara Group’s contribution and support, we set out to produce our own natural products in our neighborhood. For this purpose, the association started to work in 2012, in the area next to our building. Our aim in this project is to show that organic-natural cultivation of natural products, being done in rural areas, can be done in the city center, form an awareness in the community on this issue, share basic information about the cultivation of natural products, gain skills, to promote the plant species and acquire habits of cultivation especially to children and young people. In this study which was used all natural seeds, we provided most of the seeds and seedlings from Güneşköy at the first year, and the second year we also started to use the seeds we get from products we cultivated. Also we provided seeds from formations that exchange seeds. We didn’t use unnatural, hybrid seeds. Also we did not use any form of drugs and chemical fertilizers. We show everyone that farming can be done without the use of chemical fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and natural methods as applied in our garden. We are not using fertilizer, we use compost as fertilizer which is done by us. We had workshops on composting many times, and we produce and use our own compost so we do not use chemicals.

Collaboration with Universities and Projects: We are performing studies for two years with METU Department of Industrial Design. We conducted projects about “Çiğdem District in my Dream” last year and “Çiğdem District ID” this year. Thesis studies were carried out which includes our association’s works and the thesis our association was included was prepared.

The events since its establishment, generated values, our mission, our vision tells it’s time to share our dreams with friends in Çiğdem District, our followers, people ask for our service, qualified opinion leaders.

We believe that creating a value from a hut, Çiğdemim Association needs a modern, contemporary lviing center. This is going to be a living center that no Çiğdem District inhabitant can not do without stopping by here one or two days a week.

For this, first we need to start with the supply of a suitable plot in our neighborhood! About this we are waiting for support from municipalities and public institutions.

Then, together we will determine the needs and do brainstorming to learn Çiğdem inhabitants’ desires. An architectural project, suitable for those determined needs, will become alive with the voluntary contribution of architectures preparing the project from Çiğdem District and with the contribution of all friends of Çiğdem.

We expect support from everyone to create this center for the next 10 years.